Dome Coral Nursery

Dive into our Dome Coral Nurseries and learn more about their efficiency for fish habitats and reef restoration.

A dome-shaped coral nursery

A Dome Coral Nursery is made of sustainably-sourced metallic frames assembled together in a dome shape.

One dome is about 2 meters wide, and can hold up to 30 corals of various species. It enables to reconnect patches of healthy reef together, which increases the resilience of the whole ecosystem.

A refuge for endangered species

The Dome Coral Nursery reproduces the exact features of a natural coral reef. It provides space for small species to hide from predators, grow and get nutrients.

The Hawksbill Turtle, a critically endangered species of marine turtle, has found refuge in our Dome Coral Nurseries. It is one of the 20 different endangered species protected by our nurseries.

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A Dome Nursery, one year after plantation