Tēnaka Science

Discover Tēnaka’s impacts measurement methodology and online tools for your CSR reporting

Positive impact is our mission. Measuring it is the cornerstone of our model.

Impacts measurement

On our restored coral reefs, we collect underwater quantitative data following the international Reef Check Methodology. It is used to monitor the growth of the reef as well as the evolution on marine biodiversity and neighboring ecosystems.

The Tēnaka Science® Platform

The Tēnaka Science® Platform allows you to access all data from your programs on the field: coral reef restoration and mangroves plantation. GPS codes allow you to geolocalize your reef and communicate to your communities.

Data for your CSR reports

Data and pictures are collected every three months on the field. You can then follow the growth of your reef online, and download useful tool to enrich your CSR reporting as well as communicate widely on the positive impacts you’re having.