Dive into CSR

We are a social business
regenerating the ocean
through tailor-made CSR Programs.

Solutions to the
climate crisis

Because rebuilding marine life is a key solution to mitigate the climate crisis, Tēnaka solutions are based on ocean preservation: we custom Coral Reef Restoration and Blue Carbon Programs through mangrove plantations.
Restoring coral reefs revives marine biodiversity while providing jobs and livelihoods to coastal communities.
image_2 Restoration of a mangrove forest to limit erosion in Tuvalu
Regenerating mangrove forests sequester 5 times more CO₂ than terrestrial forests.

Let's dive into Regenerative Business.

80% of consumers prefer regenerative businesses to sustainable businesses. The word of "sustainability" is now too weak.

We help corporations willing to go further than sustainability and put the scaled regeneration of vital ecosystems at the heart of their business model.
Restoration of a coral reef for Dodo brand, Kering group, June 2020
Tēnaka Science® vous permet d'accéder à vos données de mesure d'impact et d'engager vos clients grâce à des outils de visualisation de données.

Let's anchor Ocean Regeneration
in every business model.

Our mission is to help corporations willing to shift to regenerative businesses , i.e. committing to promote net-positive business for Planet and People.

Because customers now want proofs, our solution is techno inside: Tēnaka Science® provides carbon footprint measurement and Impact Measurement tools through data visualization.