Dive into regeneration

We build a regenerative economy
to restore our biggest carbon sink:
the ocean.

Solutions to the
climate crisis

Because rebuilding marine life is a key solution to mitigate the climate crisis, Tēnaka solutions are based on ocean restoration: we custom Coral Reef and Blue Carbon Programs.
A Hawksbill Turtle, a nearly extinct species, found refuge into our Coral Reef Program in Malaysia.
Our Blue Carbon program restores Indo-Pacific mangroves, known as the most efficient in terms of CO₂ sequestration.

Let's dive into Regenerative Business.

We help businesses to integrate a regenerative workflow into their business model, by developing tailor-made programs to engage their staff, their customers and their stakeholders.
Restoration of a coral reef for Dodo Jewels, part of the Kering luxury group, June 2020
Our impact measurement platform Tēnaka Science® allows our partners to engage their customers, staff and stakeholders through scientific and user-friendly data

Let's anchor ocean regeneration
in every business model.

Our mission is to help corporations willing to shift to regenerative businesses, i.e. committing to promote net-positive business for our Planet and People.

Because customers now want proofs, our solution is techno inside: Tēnaka Science® provides carbon sequestration measurement and Impact Measurement tools through data visualization.