Corporate programs

Our regeneration programs are tailor-made to best meet your company’s needs. Let’s discuss it with your teams!

Our Customer Program

70% of customers support – or boycott – a brand according to its socio-environmental commitments. For young people (Millenials and Gen Z), this number reaches 88% (Deloitte 2019 survey). Aligning your business with this new demand has become a way to stay ahead of your competition.

Through our Customer Program, we will jointly develop engagement tools for your consumers: through your products, your physical stores, your CSR reporting or your social networks.

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Our HR Program

Engaging your employees in your CSR programs is a key point of differentiation and retention of your employees.

Our HR programs allow you to develop tailor-made mechanisms to engage your employees around the restoration of your coral reef or mangrove forest. For example, we can jointly develop your corporate gifts, VIP access to your impact measurement data, VR immersions in your office, series of conferences and tailor-made content, etc.

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A coral reef restored by Tēnaka and its field partners

Our Purpose Program

80% of investors worldwide include socio-environmental impacts in a company’s business model as a funding criterion – this is 25% more than 4 years ago (McKinsey Report 2018). Investing in CSR is no longer an option: we help you go further.

Via our Purpose Program, you can dedicate part of your turnover, your sales, your quotes, to the regeneration of the biggest carbon sinks on our planet, and make your business regenerative.

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Case studies

Customer Program

DoDo is an Italian jewelry house member of the Kering group. Together, we have created ocean regeneration by engaging the brand’s customers.

Through Tēnaka products, created in upcycled materials, customers have access to the Tēnaka Science® platform and can virtually dive into the brand’s coral reef and mangrove forest. Each year, these products are out of stock in less than 3 days.

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HR Program

Dataiku is a Franco-American world leader in data science and artificial intelligence. Together, we have developed a Blue Carbon program by engaging its employees.

Through VIP access to Tēnaka Science®, exclusive conferences and tailor-made content for Dataikers, Dataiku’s employees, the regeneration program allows us to have positive impacts, both to mitigate the climate crisis, and for the company.

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Purpose Program

Moonlike is a communications agency member of the Australia.GAD group. Ambitioning to become a pioneering ethical agency, we have jointly developed the Moonlikes Ocean program.

Moonlikes Ocean operates as an investment fund, supplied via a fixed percentage of its turnover and quotes that the agency signs with its clients, financing the restoration of coral reefs.

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