Moonlikes Ocean

Moonlike M&C Saatchi and Tēnaka launched Moonlikes Ocean: a marine habitats restoration program.

Moonlike & Tēnaka

Moonlike M&C Saatchi is a creative communication agency based in Paris, France. At the heart of their model and philosophy is the notion of engagement.

Together, we launched Moonlikes Ocean, a CSR program to restore coral reefs in the heart of the Coral Triangle. Thanks to a percentage of their sales, Moonlike and its partners are constantly increasing the area restored and monitored by our field partners.

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Moonlike coral reef

The Moonlike Coral Nurseries were installed off Tioman island, Malaysia, in June 2020. The Marine Protected Area (MPA) is in place since the late 80’s and is home to many endemic species.

Moonlike and its clients contribute to the expansion of restored areas and have access to the program’s Impact Dashboard.

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Before / after: one year after plantation