Coral Reef Program

Learn more about our Coral Restoration Programs that we develop in the framework of our CSR solutions to rewild the Ocean.

Regenerating coral reefs

Coral reefs are the world’s biodiversity hotspot, hosting 30% of all marine life while occupying just 0,2% of the Ocean floors.

Restoring them is a key solution to rewild a critically important and endangered wildlife, while preserving the co-benefits that they represent for coastal communities.


Coral nurseries, made in sustainable materials, are used to reconnect patches of reefs together, in order to restore degraded coral reefs.

We work with local scientific divers and communities to respect the natural genetic diversity of the reefs, and ensure the scientific monitoring on the long term.

An Acropora coral, one year later

Our coral nurseries : what substrate ?

The Dome Nursery

The Dome Nursery is a structure made of eco-friendly metallic frames. This shape reproduces the natural features of a coral reefs. It’s very efficient to restore fish habitats and protect endangered species.

Dive into our Dome Nurseries

The Glass Nursery

The Glass Nursery is made of recycled glass bottles, held in cement made of crushed glass. This substrate is efficient for reef building, while it also supports recycling and circular economy efforts on land.

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Dive into our coral nurseries