COP15 on Biological Diversity

Read our key takeaways from COP15, the 15th meeting of the Convention on Biological Diversity Parties, where we were in Montréal, Canada.

Rebuilding Marine Life

Read our takeaways from the 2020 paper “Rebuilding Marine Life”, exploring paths to efficiently restore the ocean and its resilience by 2050.

High Seas Treaty

It is an international legally binding instrument on the conservation and sustainable use of marine biological diversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction.

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2022 IPCC report

Read Tēnaka’s key takeaways of the IPCC WGII report, published on February 27th, 2022.

IPCC’s 6th assessment report

IPCC’s 6th assessment report: read Tēnaka’s takeaways on the state of our ocean


Dive into the first article in our series on Blue Carbon, discovering mangrove forests and their importance in mitigating the climate crisis.

Tēnaka & the Sustainable Development Goals

Read how Tēnaka is contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals developed by the United Nations.

Blue Carbon

Tenaka Blue Carbon Program aims at restoring marine habitats storing and sequestrating carbon.

Why Corals Matter

When we think of coral reefs, we often picture a colorful underwater environment, thriving with marine life.

But what are they exactly? Why are they so important? And what can we do to preserve them?