Blue Carbon Program

Tēnaka launched its Blue Carbon Program to enable corporations to offset their carbon footpring by restoring Ocean habitats, biggest carbon sink of our Planet.

The Ocean: the biggest carbon sink of our planet

83% of the global carbon cycle is circulated through the Ocean. “Blue Carbon” refers to this carbon captured and sequestered by the world’s Ocean and coastal ecosystems.

Coastal ecosystems such as mangroves, macro-algae, tidal marshes, sea grass, coral reefs, sequester carbon at a bigger scale than any other marine ecosystem.

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Let’s restore the Ocean to offset your residual carbon footprint

Mangrove forests sequester 5 times more CO2 than terrestrial forests on an equal surface. Restoring the Ocean has demonstrated very high impacts and multiple co-benefits for local communities & economies.

Let’s offset your residual carbon footprint by restoring the Ocean: we can restore your company’s own mangrove forest and coral reefs, while engaging your customers and collaborators.

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Let’s engage your customers

Our Tēnaka Science® Platform allows you to communicate in a transparent and user-friendly way to engage your stakeholders.

The impact measurement data, collected quarterly, are thus automatically transmitted to your personal space for your CSR reporting.

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Each of our programs is tailor-made. Let’s exchange about your carbon footprint, the restoration of your underwater forest and the mechanisms for engaging your customers, employees and communities.