DoDo Coral Reef

In 2020, DoDo and Tēnaka teamed up to restore the world’s most precious ecosystems and biodiversity hotspots: coral reefs.

DoDo & Tēnaka

DoDo is an Eco-conscious Italian jeweler, part of Pomellato and Kering groups. The brand identity stems from the extinguished animal from Mauritius island: the Dodo.

Together, we launched a program in the framework of DoDo Mare, representing the commitment of the brand towards the Ocean, to restore and protect the Jewels of the Sea.

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Protecting the Jewels of the Ocean

The DoDo Coral Nurseries are installed in the heart of a Marine Protected Area, in the Coral Triangle. This part of the World is the epicenter of marine biodiversity, and especially corals. In an area of 1.000 square meters, this Program sustains more than 3.000 marine species like fish and invertebrates.

Threatened species, such as the nearly extinct Hawksbill Turtle, thrive thanks to the DoDo Coral Reef.

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