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Positive impact is our mission. Measuring it is the cornerstone of our model. Dive into Tēnaka Science, our Impacts Measurement Platform.

Measuring impacts

Both on our restored coral reefs and mangrove forests, our field partners collect quantitative data based on international methodologies such as Reef Check for coral reefs.

The data is used on a long term to monitor the growth of the ecosystem, as well as evaluating the impacts on neighboring biodiversity.

The Tēnaka Science® Platform: for scientists

The Tēnaka Science® Platform allows scientists to gather field data in a unified and user-friendly way. The database is alimented on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on the monitoring programs in place.

Each user can create and manage Impacts Reports through its own organization. Therefore it can be useful for any organization working on marine ecosystems with the need to communicate transparently on its impacts.

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The Tēnaka Science® Platform: for businesses

An algorithm translates the raw scientific data gathered by scientists into visualized content: reports, charts, key metrics and graphs that are useful for CSR Reporting.

We provide our business partners a unique personal space, for them to communicate in a transparent, pedagogic and user-friendly way to their stakeholders.

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Other Impacts Measurement tools

Temperature captors & bleaching monitoring

In June 2020, our field scientists installed temperature captors on the restored coral nurseries and neighboring environment. These tools are very useful to monitor and analyze the resilience of corals facing stressful events, like high water temperatures.

The Blue Cam: live monitoring station for your coral reef

We are teaming up with engineers to prototype the Blue Cam: a live monitoring station for our restored coral reefs. This wide-angle camera equipped with data sensors will enable us to have an access to the coral nurseries in real time – and to identify species that we can’t see as divers.