DoDo Blue Forests

In 2021, DoDo and Tēnaka unite again to regenerate the blue carbon sinks of our planet.

DoDo & Tēnaka embark on a new ocean regeneration program

After restoring 1,000sqm of coral reefs in 2020, DoDo and Tēnaka continue their journey to restore the jewels of our ocean.

If the Coral Restoration Program is of course on-going on the long term, DoDo and Tēnaka are now focusing on the restoration of the biggest carbon sinks of our ocean: mangroves.

DoDo Coral Reef

Why mangroves?

When we think of carbon sequestration, we often think of terrestrial forests like the Amazon Rainforest. However, the ocean is the biggest carbon sink of our planet: 83% of the global carbon cycle circulates through marine habitats.

Among all marine habitats, mangroves are carbon champions: they sequester 5x more CO₂ than a terrestrial forest per unit area. They also preserve biodiversity and play a central role for livelihoods and jobs at a local scale.

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DoDo Blue Forests

The DoDo Blue Forest spans in 2 hectares of the Malaysian coastlines. 3,000 mangrove trees are to be planted with the supervision of marine biologists and local scientists.

To highlight this ambitious regeneration program, DoDo launched the Granelli Mangrove bracelet, made of plastics collected in the Mediterranean Sea and sustainably-sourced silver.

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